Healthy Products

As a Health Coach and in general everyday life, I am often asked what products I suggest, use or believe would help get people off to a better start in their journey to health.

While I don't sell products at this time, and I may in the future, these companies below provide quality products that I am sure you will enjoy.

Healthy Food & Nutrition


Sunbasket is one of my favorite places to order organic meals. This is perfect for people with busy schedules. When I am seeking something new and tired of my old "go to" recipes, they are excellent in making it automated and easy, three meals are delivered for each week and these are organic, healthy ingredients and with options that include paleo, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. Use this link to save $35 off.

Miracle Noodle

Gluten free, and very gentle on the belly, Miracle Noodles are plant based and healthy substitutes for rice and pasta noodles. The shirataki noodles are nutritious and most likely won't be a problem for those who are having a lot of issues with food sensitivities. My personal favorite is the Cleanse and Detox Soup. Miracle Noodle

Pure Formulas

When seeking a little extra nutritional support, it is smart to go with a company that provides legitimate products that are the purest possible. I've used PureFormula for years for top quality supplements. Get Pure Formula Supplements

Pure Water Freedom

One of the things people need the most to add to their daily routine is drinking pure, clean, water. Whether making herbal teas, lemon water, or simply water alone, you first need clean water that is free of toxic chemicals. Pure Water Freedom supplies a variety of products that can help to purify your tap water. Most bottled water not only isn't really pure, alsot contributes to the growing problem with plastic pollution. I personally use the Crystal Quest under sink option for my drinking water and a shower filter for my skin. Get Clean and Pure Water.

Safe Beauty Products

Busy Girl Cosmetics

I am not a big fan of wearing lots of makeup, but I do like to feel good about my appearance as I am sure you do too. This is why I use Busy Girl cosmetics. This company was started by a friend of mine who loved makeup but had very sensitive skin. The department store brands irritated her skin so much that she decided to start her own company. After researching on the safest and most non-toxic skin care products she could source, she created a new line of safe and gentle mineral makeup. She even has a starter kit so that you can color match your skin tone to find the perfect shades for you.  Click here to visit Busy Girl cosmetics.

Native Deodorant

People often underestimate how important it is to use safe beauty products, especially around sensitive areas that are near lymph nodes. Deodorants are one of those products that people use frequently yet overlooks reviewing the chemicals in the product. One safe and natural deodorant that gets raving reviews is Native Deodorant for Women and Men.

Healthy and Safe Pet Products

My passion for health and wellness doesn't end with humans, I have a deep love for our furry friends. Pet products are even more concerning for pets than for humans as there is less regulation. Many corporations are sourcing their raw materials from china or other places as cheaply as possible so I tend to look for people who love animals and craft smaller batches of quality safe products. Below I have listed a couple companies that offer these types of holistic wellness products.

The Pet Health and Nutrition Center

Offering whole food supplements and herbal remedies for ailments, this organization offers many products for your furry friends. Click to see health and wellness pet products.

Natural Wonder Pets

Earth-friendly, 100% natural veterinary-naturopathic medicine is one of the most wholesome, naturally safe and effective pet health care products available. Natural Wonder Products.